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About Shri Navkar Metals Ltd

Shri Navkar Metals has a golden and inspiring history as it has grown from seed to a giant plant in the years so far. In 1957, we made use of a barter system to exchange collected newspapers with the stainless steel and Aluminium utensils. Every beginning has a hardship to face which eventually turns into a journey that’s so smooth to run on. Our creative insight and the inner will led us to having set up a manufacturing unit of stainless steel, Aluminum and Copper utensils in the year 1986. This was our dream project then and we nurtured it so well, that today we see it as one giant industry in the market.

The market was as competitive then as it is now. We had to figure out the need of the people to stand out in the competition. This task was not easy but at the same time it was not impossible either. We realized the need for milk can and immediately started doing so and in no time, our thought got us a lot of appreciation and recognition in the market. We had embedded certain features that others couldn't with the help of technologies and skills.

Our thought process did not stop there because we believe in continuous innovation. We got our team to design a wonderful stainless steel water pot and kitchen sink for domestic convenience. The curiosity in us has always helped us give something new and useful and it is that factor that has helped us in creating a different space in the market. With time appreciation and rewards have motivated us in designing unique and best so that the people around can be benefitted.


We have a large manufacturing unit with a large set up of technologies and skilled staff members. The advantage of being with us is that we have an in-house production therefore we take sole responsibility for the quality. There is no outsourcing of the work and we cannot take the responsibility of the products on our shoulders. Therefore, step by step, may be gradually but with consistent efforts and speed; we strived to move ahead in the forward direction. With the support of all our team members and satisfied clients, today we have emerged as one of the largest groups.

The name and trust that we developed in the nation went ahead to have its journey across the world. There was a call out for our products looking at its durability and finesse; therefore we have our business representatives and distributors in other parts of the world who manage deals.

We are happy and proud to say that all the hard work, dedication and struggle got us the most worthy rewards from customers and awards from various recognised bodies and Government. We are first among many others today who has their in-house R&D set up in its kind of business.. And last but not the least, we are the first ISO 14001:2015 certified company in its kind. We have accommodated many other feathers in our cap like acquiring BIS certification, CE certification and undertaking outstandingly executed Turnkey Projects and making of other Industrial Components. We believe in growing and getting inspired, as well keep everyone inspiring to dream big and achieve it.


Our Vision

  • We foresee ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal products in every corner of the world.
  • To compete with ourselves and strive to bring in market better products with better design and fair price while maintaining standards of product.
  • To keep the strategy of innovation and creative ideology alive and give designs that set with the trending times.

Our Mission

  • To provide a healthy and positive working environment to fellow people where there is a scope of equal opportunity.
  • To adopt and adhere to the policy of NO COMPROMISE in quality.
  • To follow principles and ethics set by us at any cost.
  • Commitment and client satisfaction shall always be a priority.

Milestones Achieved

  • For the first time in its kind of industries, a south indian welder was hired to shape out the utensils.
  • The hand-made hammering was bid farewell and the welding automation was brought forward to improve on utensils quality.
  • Our knowledgeable team invented a chemical compound for deep drawing of stainless steel. We had crafted a traditional shaped water pot that was much appreciated.
  • We had the privilege to export our items through an indirect source.
  • Our innovative design for the butter milk pot was yet another success in the market.
  • The manual welding was replaced by seam welding technology and in the same year we had developed metal sheet components by replacing it with wood, plastic rubber and dye-cast.
  • Later we designed and introduced yet another concept of domestic and industrial water heaters.
  • Then we started with a direct export to Arabial countries, Far East countries, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
  • Then we fell for the execution of turnkey projects in India and on international platforms.
  • We have two manufacturing units out of India too.
  • The Journey went ahead with the making of Aluminium Utensils, Copper Bottom Cooking Utensils, Dairy Equipments, Kitchen Sink, Door & Floor Accessories, Industrial Components for various Industrial Applications and Fabrications of Aluminium Doors & Windows all as per Customers requirements.


  • 2018: ISO 14001:2015 certificate
    We are the first one (of its kind companies) to be certified with ISO 14001:2015 certificate.
  • 2017: CE Certificate for Kitchen Sink & Kitchen Ware
    We are the first one in the western region to get an ISI license for among others for manufacturing the stainless steel kitchen sinks.
  • 2016: LIMCA Book Record Holder for the Larges Deep Drawn Component
    LIMCA Book of Record holder for manufacturing the first ever deep drawing containers without the use of welding joints across the globe.
  • 2012: Govt.of India Recognised In House R&D Lab
  • 2010: Got BIS Certification for Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink I.e.: IS 13983
  • 2005: Got Status of STAR Export House by Govt. of India
  • 1988: Winner of Best Design award from All India Stainless Steel Industries Association
  • 1986: Out Standing Performance Awards for Stainless Steel Utensils Industry by All India Stainless Steel Industries Association

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